Getting Published by Stafford Smith

I’m quite honored to have a whole magazine devoted to one of my projects. This hasn’t happened before. Dek Unu, which means 11 in Esperanto, has made my Ancestry in Progress the feature of their April 2019 issue.

It’s funny. No matter what I come up with or how good I think something is my most successful work deals with the representation of the family. It probably helps that I’ve added some exotic Asianess to the mix.

Leaving for Prague by Stafford Smith

Tomorrow I fly out to Prague to attend a conference on Social Media where I will give a talk on how photography no longer needs photographers. The premise is that photography has become an autonomous self-sustaining bio-tech hybrid organism that self-perpetuates. Welcome to obsolescence.

FestFoto Porto Alegre, Brazil by Stafford Smith

I just got an e-mail from Carlos Carvalho asking me to send 40 images from my Family Portrait Project to his festival in Brazil. It will be a digital display, no prints, but still very exciting. I've never had a show outside the US before. 

Write up in Feature Shoot by Stafford Smith

Got written up for my P.O.V. installation by They feature new and innovative work by photographers so I'm honored they chose to write about me!

P.O.V. at Kendall College for Art and Design by Stafford Smith

I just finished installing my installation of lifesize nude portraits of photographers  in the galleries at the Old Fed downtown. Thank you very much to Michelle Bosak for giving me the opportunity to exhibit. I'm curious to see what the reaction will be. Male nudes full Monty freak people out so I'm braced for the backlash.